Bob Barker Company is successful because we care about solving our customer’s problems. Since 1972, Bob has personally asked thousands of customers about their most difficult problems and as a company we have tried to help our customers solve those problems.

In 2005, Robert Barker, Jr. became President of the company and continued to talk to our customers about their most challenging issues. These conversations led to innovations in safer and more secure products for detention facilities and they also led to an understanding that many of our customers were facing an enormous problem with Recidivism. As more and more customers and others in the Criminal Justice community explained the huge challenge that Recidivism presents, we began to search for a way to help our customers with this difficult societal issue.

Each year, 10% of Bob Barker Company’s net profits are earmarked to fund two deeply-held Company commitments. The first is an employer match of team member contributions, which enables the Company to support hundreds of local nonprofits and church ministries in our communities.  The remainder of the set-aside funds the Bob Barker Company Foundation, founded in 2009 to support efforts to reduce Recidivism.

The Foundation has four trustees: Bob Barker, Pat Barker, Robert Barker and Nancy Johns, who serves as Foundation Chair. Jerry DeRoche joined the foundation in 2011 and serves as part-time Director. The Bob Barker Company Foundation works directly with nonprofits and governmental entities to encourage best practices in proven, cost-effective approaches to reducing Recidivism.